A new girl for Mark

By admin
07 March 2011

Mark Bayly welcomed a little girl to his family and said: “Going from one child to two is a huge adjustment.

“Our little boy was a textbook baby, an easy baby, but our baby girl was more of a challenge because she had a cold and reflux problems.”

But he said it was “great” to have another addition to their family and called his daughter “perfect”.

“She looks just like her brother, she just has darker hair.

“I’m going to make sure that my daughter grows up to be super confident. That way I won’t have to worry about boys breaking her heart later on; I’ll worry more about the boys.”

With All Access coming to an end on April 1, Mark has a few projects simmering. “When one door closes, you need to kick another open.”

While he didn’t want to go into the details, he revealed that one of his projects is a show of his own making. “Watch this space,” he added.

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