A Royal Mess

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21 October 2013

Prince Charles is worried about George’s future

Britain’s Prince Charles is concerned his grandchild, Prince George, will have a "miserable future" unless further social and economic changes are made in Britain.

The 64-year-old royal voiced his concerns about the country's future during a speech in which he urged the pensions industry to commit to a longer-term investing approach to ensure the next generation are well looked after.

In a prerecorded speech played at the National Association of Pension Funds’ conference recently, Charles told investors, "I can only urge you to deploy your considerable human ingenuity to make that innovative and imaginative leap that the world so badly needs.

"Otherwise your grandchildren, and mine for that matter, will be consigned to an exceptionally miserable future."

He also claimed the pensions industry is an important part of the economy "now and in the future". His comments were backed by several organisations.

A spokesperson for Saga, a company that offers people over 50 an array of products such as insurance, said the Duke of Cornwall was "absolutely right" to air his views.

He added, “While the heir to the throne may have a secure future, many of his potential subjects have something altogether less savoury in store for their retirement.” - Bang Showbiz Share your thoughts:

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