A selfie that’s out of this world

By admin
25 April 2014

Pity selfies weren't around in Neil Armstrong's days! This selfie is literally out of this world.

There are clearly no limits to selfie-taking these days.  This one is rather, er, out of this world.  

It was taken by NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio aboard the International Space Station.

Rick took the selfie during an EVA – which means an Extra-Vehicular Activity. For all of the non-astronauts, an EVA means a spacewalk.

He is active on Twitter, where he posts photos from space of various locations on the earth below. Here he is, with his spacesuit which he had just finished repairing.

This one's a stellar contribution, Rick!

Sources: oxforddictionaries.com, twitter.com/AstroRM

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