A sibling for Nori? Kim and Kanye are broody already

By admin
22 October 2013

The reality TV star and the rapper are said to want another baby soon

Kim Kardashian (33) and Kanye West (36) are reportedly planning to have another baby.

The reality TV star and the rapper welcomed their first born, daughter North, only in June, but are already considering extending their family as they’re concerned time might not be on their side when it comes to conceiving.

A source told RadarOnline, “They’re discussing having another baby right away. It’s serious. [Kim] is well aware she’s getting older and that if she wants to have a bigger family then she needs to get it done.”

Kim has been taking part in a gruelling exercise regime and sticking to the Atkins diet in a bid to return to her post-baby weight, but she’s now considering ditching the tough fitness techniques.

The source explained, “Kim is telling Kanye she doesn’t think it makes sense to gain pregnancy weight, lose it and then gain it all back again.

“She’s starting to think she might want to just suck it up and be big and pregnant in one long go and then lose the weight once and for all.

“Kanye likes Kim at any size, so that part doesn’t matter to him but he loves the idea of having another baby soon.” Bang! Showbizz Share your thoughts:

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