A sibling for Prince George? Kate is reportedly pregnant again

By Kirstin Buick
16 July 2014

The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly pregnant with her second child, a former school friend has confirmed to Australia's New Day magazine.

We'll wait for official confirmation before we break out the bubbly but rumour has it Britain's Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second child.

The 32-year-old royal gave birth to her and her husband Prince William's first child, Prince George, just under a year ago and it's now been reported that she could be expecting their second.

A former school friend of the Duchess, Jessica Hay, is said to have "confirmed" to Australia's New Day magazine that she is expecting and that her "inner circle are buzzing" with the baby news.

She also believes that the royal couple will make an announcement in the coming weeks as she claims Catherine has already started to put weight on and is struggling to hide her growing bump.

However, Buckingham Palace have refused to comment on the news and as Miss Hay is not close to the Duchess, and hasn't spoken to her for many years, the news is said to be nothing but speculation.

Although, some observers have pointed out that Hay was correct when she claimed Catherine was pregnant with Prince George several weeks before it was officially announced in 2012.

The royal couple were forced to reveal the news to the world after the Duchess was rushed to hospital with extreme morning sickness.

- Bang Showbiz

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