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12 September 2013

During the month of September special attention is being paid to one of our most valuable assets, the mouth.

Knowing your body and oral hygiene are tip top means you can feel confident, look your best and comfortably show off those pearly whites.

The most common oral problems are plaque retention, tooth decay and periodontal disease.  In general a hygienic mouth means your overall health improves and it also decreases the risk of other diseases entering the body.

Dr Hoosen, a leading dentist and Oral-B expert, explains, “What many people don’t know is that by taking good care of their months, they are also safeguarding their health.  Studies have revealed that heart diseases have been lowered by good oral care.  It also reduces infection and inflammation build-up in the body and helps level sugar levels in the case of diabetes.”

The Journal of Periodontology recent published research which determined severe gum infection causes an increase in the production of chemicals which induce labour and suggested going to an oral hygienist cuts the risk of pre-term birth by a third. It has been reported that arterial disease too can be caused by bacteria building up between our teeth during the day.

Oral hygiene isn’t easy to maintain but it needs to become a routine and key component in a healthy lifestyle.  Adjusting or improving some of your current oral habits might help; for example a manual toothbrush leaves half of germs behind – it’s therefore good to invest in a reputable battery-operated toothbrush such as the Oral-B TriZone which combines comprehensive power triple-zone cleaning action with the motion of a manual toothbrush, making sure 100 per cent of plaque is removed.

The new TriZone has been designed to improve back-and-forth brushing and its head is 20 per cent smaller to reach all areas of the mouth.  Definitely a sound investment that’ll ensure your mouth will be fresh and clean and your smile will never fade!

Source: Jenni Newman Public Relations on behalf of Oral-B

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