A sneak peek at what's in store at Gateway to Space: The Exhibition

By Lara Atson
19 February 2016

Take a walk around a space station, see the suit worn by the first man to walk on the moon and much more as we bring you Gateway to Space: The Exhibition.

Take a walk around a space station, see the suit worn by the first man to walk on the moon and much more as we bring you Gateway to Space: The Exhibition.


Ever since the boot of his spacesuit touched the moon’s surface we’ve been endlessly fascinated by outer space. Although it’s been 47 years since Neil Armstrong said, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for  mankind,” the mysteries of the universe are as alluring today as they’ve ever been.

We want to know whether there is water and vegetation on other planets and what it’s really like to travel or drift among the stars. We want to know whether we’d one day be able to live somewhere other than on Earth – and perhaps be neighbours with characters straight from Star Wars.

Space travel doesn’t come cheap, of course, and we’re a long way from being able to pop out of Earth’s atmosphere for a quick exploration beyond our planet’s borders. But fortunately South Africans will now get a chance to reach for the stars in a much more accessible way when Gateway to Space: The Exhibition hits our shores in June.

The highly acclaimed exhibition, which has drawn vast numbers of space fans around the globe, will be at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 1 June to 31 July. It’s the biggest display ever to be put on in SA and is hosted by YOU and its sister titles Huisgenoot and Drum.

The display includes more than 60 artefacts, among them a rock brought back from the moon. Visitors can see scaled models of spacecraft and some of the suits worn by astronauts over the years. And you get the chance to  feel the disorientation experienced in space and experience the simulator Nasa uses to train astronauts!

“One of the many highlights of the exhibition is a replica of the Mir space station core module,” says Minette Ferreira, head of Media24 Weeklies, which publishes YOU. “You can walk inside and also view a model of such a craft’s pilot station.”

Now on display in Europe, the exhibition will be shipped to SA in 20 containers, Ferreira says. “To date, almost a million people have flocked to see this exhibition.”

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Here's a look at some of the space delights you can sample come June and July.

  • A model of the A7L Apollo Spacesuit, worn by Neil Armstrong
  • A 1:4 scale model of the Apollo Capsule
  • A full-size model of the Destiny Laboratory on the International Space Station
  • The Mir Space Station model, where Russian astronaut Dr Valeri Polyakov (now 73) set the record for the longest single space flight in space -- 437 days!
  • A 1:10 scale model of  the American Saturn V rocket that powered the first successful crewed moon mission.


Tickets to the exhibition are limited and popular time slots book out especially fast so get yours now to avoid disappointment.


Single ticket (adult older than 18): R180

Single ticket (children 18 months to 18 years old): R120

Family ticket: R520 for a family of four.

School packages are also available. For every booking for 20 learners you get a free ticket for an adult.

For more information or for bookings send an email to space@megatrav.co.za.

All tickets (except for school packages) are obtainable at Computicket.

Special travel packages are available for fans who don’t live in Gauteng. For more info on these packages call 011-886-9545; email space@megatrav.co.za; go to gatewaytospace.co.za and click on Travel; or send a fax to 011-886-9548.

For more info on the exhibition go to gatewaytospace.co.za.

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