A sneak peek into the 'secret life' you never knew Barbie had

By Kim Abrahams
16 June 2017

Spoiler alert – Barbie's just like the rest of us!

She's got perfectly sculpted bod, piercing blue eyes and flowing blonde locks – not to mention a circle of adoring friends and a handsome lover (sold separately) at her side.

But even Barbie's just like the rest of us, apparently!

There are days her life is messy (literally) and then there are days she manages to bring it all together and look fabulous on a lunch date with her friend.

This modern-day version of arguably one of the most famous toys in the world is recreated by @tiff_barbie on a special Instagram account.

Images depict a colourful, but ‘normal’ life for the doll.

She’s a wife and mother-of-two, who has to put effort into ensuring she looks good. Her house is often messy, her cravings are intense and, only when she finds the time, squeezes in a date with her best friend.

Here is a look into the life you didn’t know Barbie has:

Preggers with baby #2

She gets stretch marks, guys

Cravings too!

Juggling mommy-life

She makes time for her #BFF.

Then there's time for hubby

I LOVE MY LIFE ? last post ? goodnight everyone ? I had such a wonderful first Mother's Day ?????

A post shared by ?11.01.15? (@tiff_thebarbie) on

But ultimately, it's family life that's the most important to her

Sources: metro.co.uk, instagram.com 

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