A strange but Beautiful New Year’s resolution

By admin
27 January 2014

If you thought your New Year’s resolution was difficult to stick to, you haven’t heard of Beautiful Existence.

The wonderfully named Beautiful Existence, a 40-year-old woman of Seattle, US, has a knack for sticking to resolutions. She decided at the beginning of 2013 to eat only Starbucks food all year long – and managed to stick to her goal.

Every month she spent between R5 300 and R6 400 on salads, sandwiches and pastries from a Starbucks coffee shop and shared the experience on her blog, for1yearofmylife.com. She prepared proper meals for her two sons but sometimes brought home treats for them from Starbucks.

Why the strange resolution? “Starbucks pays part-time employees well. That’s where my money went,” she says.

It wasn’t always easy. The most difficult mealtime was when she had to eat Starbucks cookies on Christmas Day because she hadn’t planned ahead.

So was she happy to finish her challenge? Her first meal of 2014 was fish and chips. “My tongue has been doing somersaults for 24 hours,” she wrote on her blog.

It wasn’t the first time she’d tackled a quirky task. For the year 2011 Beautiful shopped only at benevolence shops and during 2012 she slavishly followed every tip for parents in the magazine Parents.

What is she doing this year? She’s going to learn to do more than 80 recreational sports.

- Shané Barnard

Sources: 1yearofmylife.com, businessinsider.com, eonline.com, instagram

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