A Week in December - review

By admin
19 January 2010

Reading Faulks’ ambitious novel is a bit like hopping aboard a train you know is likely to crash but enjoying the ride anyway. Set in London shortly before Christmas 2007 the story opens with Sophie Topping, the rich and ambitious wife of an MP, planning a dinner party guest list. Over the course of the next week we’re given a snapshot of the lives of this disparate group of people as they hurtle towards the menacing climax.

The book is sweeping in its exploration of big themes: a world on the brink of recession, terrorism, greed, drugs, reality TV and obsession with appearance. At times conversations read like thinly disguised debates and some of the financial wheeling and dealing is hard to follow but don’t let this put you off. The author is an assured storyteller and this 21st century morality tale is hard to put down. Food for thought and highly entertaining.

Book: A WEEK IN DECEMBER by Sebastian Faulks (R215, Hutchinson)

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Sandy Cook

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