Abandoned baby found in Eastern Cape + what to do if you find an abandoned child

By admin
01 December 2014

A new-born baby boy has been found abandoned in Butterworth, Eastern Cape police said on Sunday.

The baby was found on Merrimen Street at around 8pm on Saturday, Captain Jackson Manatha said.

"Butterworth police are investigating a case of child abandonment after a passer-by found ... the baby wrapped with hospital nappies," he said.

"The baby has since been taken to Butterworth Hospital as the investigation continues."

What you can do:

-        If you find an abandoned child, try and determine whether the parents or other caretakers responsible for the child are in the vicinity.

-        If you are positive the child has been abandoned, you can contact one of the following associations:

-        http://www.doorofhope.co.za/

-        http://www.babyhaven.org/

-        http://www.eshab.org/

-        http://thebabysafe.org/

-        http://www.thebabyhouse.org/

-        http://www.thelighthousebabyshelter.co.za/

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