Absolute privacy on Whatsapp difficult to achieve

By admin
18 March 2015

Private messaging service Whatsapp has never sold its user data on to advertisers, but some German users think it is wise be on the safe side, just in case that policy changes.

But it's not easy to do so, reports German computer magazine Chip. Finding the Data Security section of your account is only accessible after first going through Settings and then Accounts.

For example, if you don't want those who have stored your telephone number in Whatsapp to be able to record your last activity with them, as well as your profile picture or status, you will have to make yourself hard to track.

Choose who can see your data by picking between all, my contacts and nobody.

If you want to be specific about who can and can't see what, you'll have to go to Block a Contact in the Data Security menu to keep your information private and prevent it being leaked to a third party.

But be warned: doing so also means you're no longer going to get messages from those people.


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