Adam Levine has had a fair share of overzealous fans

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10 May 2015

Adam Levine has joked that having a 90lb. woman run at him on stage felt like being attacked by a sumo wrestler.

Adam Levine has joked that having a 90lb. woman run at him on stage felt like being attacked by a sumo wrestler.

The Maroon 5 rocker has experienced several weird moments with fans recently.

Last month a woman rushed the stage while he was performing at Anaheim, California, taking Adam completely by surprise. They eventually ended up embracing in front of the crowd, but initially the star was terrified.

'Oh my god, this poor girl, is she gonna be OK'

"The thing is, was she a 90lb. harmless girl? Definitely. Did it feel, because it was so jarring and in the moment and my eyes were closed and I was attacked by somebody, did it feel like a sumo wrestler? Yeah," he told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. "Because no matter how confident you are on your ability to beat someone up who might be threatening your life, if you close your eyes right now and somebody ran into you, it'd be absolutely terrifying."

Also scary for Adam was his arrival at the US programme yesterday, as a bag of sugar was thrown over him as he made his way into the studio. He was taking some time to talk to fans when the incident occurred and left him covered in the white stuff, which even clung to his face. The person responsible was immediately apprehended, with TMZ reporting he has been arrested for battery. At the moment it's not known why he pulled the stunt.

Adam isn't always on the receiving end of these kind of incidents though. In March the group were playing in Toronto when a power outage hit their venue, screwing up their sound system. Adam threw his mic on the ground to show the fans he felt their frustration too, but it bounced in a haphazard manner and smashed a woman on the head.

"It took on this incredible, once in a lifetime, hop. It really shoots out in this forward, very, very quick motion that just nails this girl. And I saw as if it were in slow motion. Right when I dropped it I saw it go and I was like, 'This is going to kill somebody.' I thought a lot of things. The first thing I thought was, 'Oh my god, this poor girl, is she gonna be OK?' And maybe I was thinking, could there be a lawsuit kinda situation? But that was way less important!" Adam joked.

He decided the best course of action was to welcome the woman on stage and give her a hug. However, as she attempted to scramble up to him she almost fell over and Adam was once again worried about injury.

"She comes up there and I'm holding onto her for dear life, being like, 'Are you OK/ I really hope you're not too upset about this/ Just be OK, please!'" he recalled. "I'm rocking back and forth - she was like my security blanket until the power came on."

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