Adeline eyes another trophy

By admin
16 March 2011

She may not have walked off with the Idols 2010 trophy, but former finalist Adeline Mocke is out to prove she’s a real Wondergirl.

The 22 year old Idols bombshell is one of four finalists in the Wonderbra Model Search 2011 competition. The Cape Town native captivated South Africa with her sultry voice but it’s her sexy looks which have been her claim to fame since the competition. She’s currently in talks to release her debut album soon, but has put her burgeoning music career on hold for the fashion pages and runways of South Africa. We chatted to Adeline as she prepares for the finals of the competition tomorrow night.

Q: What made you enter the Wonderbra Model Search competition?

A: I read about the competition on Facebook and in magazines, and because I’m one of those people who tries a lot of things in life, I thought: “why not?”

It felt right and as long as I felt comfortable doing it, that’s all that mattered!

Q: Tomorrow night the new face of Wonderbra will be crowned. How are you feeling?

A: I can honestly tell you that the level of stress will never compare to that of Idols. But it’s daunting nonetheless. My profile exploded since Idols but people don’t know that I’m a very shy person. The thought of walking around in my underwear on-stage in front of hundreds of complete strangers is terrifying and I must admit I’m freaking out a bit.

Q: You’ve posed in lingerie for leading men’s magazines. What’s different about strutting around ion your underwear on-stage?

A: Modelling in sexy lingerie in front of professional photographers in a room with very few spectators doesn’t feel intimidating – I know I’m doing a job and there’s that level of professional intimacy which makes me as a model feel comfortable. Walking around in my underwear with hundreds of eyes watching me is not what I’m used to, so that’s the difference. I don’t even swim around in a bikini in front of my closest friends, so taking to the ramp in my bra and panties is going to take a lot of courage!

Q: You’re a model and a singer. Which do you prefer?

A: Modelling is completely different to singing. With Idols I was a bit more stressed because it was an on-going competition with lots of tasks and planning. With the Wonderbra search, I’ve just done one photo shoot in Durban, so I really don’t know what to expect. I enjoy singing and I enjoy modelling; they’re both a part of who I am.

Q: All four finalists are beautiful in their own unique way. How have you all been getting along?

A: I agree, all the girls are very beautiful and we all look different - we all have a special something which sets us apart. It’s going to be a very tough competition but everyone is very supportive of one another. There are two blondes and two brunettes in the competition and I personally think that I’m not going to win, but I will definitely give it my all! This whole experience has been fun and amazing and the girls are all lovely people!

Q: Your fans might disagree with that one. If you were to win, how would that change your life?

A: (LAUGHS) I’m sure one of the brunettes will take the title but if I do win, it’s going to be amazing! I would feel so honoured to be an ambassador for Wonderbra but I know there would be some really big shoes to fill, considering former faces of the brand Kerry McGregor,  Lieschen Botes and Elbe van der Merwe are all models I look up to! But for me, winning would be a stepping stone to what I want in life. I know that I’m very lucky to be in the top 4 and will certainly try to make my fans proud!

Q: How have you prepared for the finals?

A: I’ve been preparing myself mentally for this competition by focussing on doing my best and just having fun, win or lose! Physically, well I love exercising and I always eat right. I enjoy being healthy and work out as much as I can.

I don’t have body issues but the thought of walking around in a g-string scares me! I do a lot of cardio to get my legs, bum and stomach toned, because I know they look good in pictures. And I don’t diet – I just make healthy food choices.

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