Adopted woman finds her biological mom – at the office

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21 April 2015

A 38-year-old woman of Ohio in America, who was adopted as a child, after a long search has discovered that she and her mom work for the same company.

After La-Sonya Mitchell Clark got the name of her mom, Francine Simmons, from the state’s health department she started hunting her down via Facebook.

To her great surprise she found that she and her mother have both been working for teleservices company InfoCision over the past four years.

La-Sonya sent a message to Francine and the following day received the long-awaited call she’d been dreaming about. Francine was 15 years old when she fell pregnant with La-Sonya and had her adopted shortly after her birth. She’d wanted to make contact for years but didn’t how to go about it.

In a further coincidence mom and daughter live only a short distance apart in Younstown. La-Sonya also has three biological sisters she wasn’t aware of, one of whom also work with the same company

La-Sonya’s adoptive parents have consistently supported her efforts to track down her biological mother.

Sources:; Yahoo News

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