Adoptive mom flees in tears upon seeing newborn's birth defects – so biological mom decides to keep her

By Samantha Luiz
07 June 2016

When Christina Fisher realized she was pregnant last year, she knew she'd have a tough choice to make.

When Christina Fisher realised she was pregnant last year, she knew she'd have a tough choice to make.

At the time, the 36 year old, from Florida in the US, was "basically homeless". She lived in a trailer park and the baby's father was not in the picture any more.

Also, she was already a mother to an 18-year-old daughter and wasn't prepared to "start again".

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After weighing all the factors, she decided to give her baby away for adoption.

Christina was pleased when she found a suitable family from the US state of Georgia. As the pregnancy progressed, she maintained regular contact with them, even sending them ultrasound photos.

But the adoption fell through on the day that little Abigail Lynn was born.

"I let [the adoptive mom] take the other wristband into the NICU," Christina Northwest Florida Daily News. "She came out crying and left the hospital. We never heard from them again."

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After some tests, doctors found that Abigail was born with Treacher Collins, a rare genetic condition that affects the development of bones and facial tissues, and can cause some parts of the face to be underdeveloped.

The condition hadn’t shown up in the prenatal scans. “Nothing was detected,” said Christina. “They just told me her ears looked a little small.”

Christina took the adoptive mom's fleeing as a sign "that she was supposed to be mine."

"And now, she is my heart.

“I can’t imagine my life without her.”

The Florida mom has since set up a fundraising page on crowdfunding site GoFundMe.

"The money will be used to buy baby clothes, dipers, wipes, etc, [sic]" reads the page's description. To date, she's raised almost $11 300 (R 168,296).


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