Adorable elderly couple have an Instagram account for the matching outfits they wear every single day

By Pam Magwaza
13 March 2017

The immaculately dressed duo are our latest Insta-obsession. ?

Could this be the secret to a long and happy marriage?

This Japanese couple, going on their 37th year of marital bliss, would certainly say so!

The immaculately dressed duo wear matching outfits every single day and document their coordinated looks on Instagram, amassing tens of thousands of followers in just a matter of months.

Their Instagram handle @bonpon511 is combination of both their names and their wedding date (how cute??). Not much else is known about the silver-haired pair, other than that they were wed in 1980 -- and seem to have a penchant for the nautical look!

But seriously -- #couplegoals, right? Here are 5 of our fave @bonpon511 looks:


Caption translation: Link check of the block check

These two might just bring the checkered pattern back into style!


Caption translation: Take off your coat and shoot. Bon knit jacket and pon cardigan are both UNIQLO.

Like most of the Instagram cool kids, they also tell us where to buy their unique items from. Thank you bonpon511!


Caption translation: Black Watch Corde. Bon duffle coat and pon pants are all together.bRed Puri is our favorite car. Figaro is my daughter's favorite car.

One follower tagged her partner and said, "This also could be us".


Caption translation: Happy New Year ? also thank you this year ?? from our home entrance.

In case you were wondering, this is how they kicked off 2017: flawless.


Caption translation: Put a red bowl in color

Do you believe that couples who dress together, stay together longer? Let us know and send us a picture of you and your partner in matching outfits at and you could be featured on our social media pages.

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