Adrien Brody: Connecting with fans is beautiful

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28 August 2014

Adrien Brody’s dad finds it “weird” when the star is mobbed by fans.

The actor won an Oscar for his turn in 2002’s The Pianist and since then his star has been on the rise. He turns to the small screen in TV miniseries Houdini, in which he portrays the famous magician. It means Adrien (41) is recognised on even more occasions and he believes the character of Harry Houdini strikes a chord with a lot of people.

'They connected to something, perhaps that I've shown them'

"I was with my dad the other day and a woman screamed my name and 'I love you!' and my dad turned to me and was like, 'This is so weird,’” he smiled to

"It's very strange and beautiful, because there is a connection [with fans], they connected to something, perhaps that I've shown them. Houdini and magic created that kind of celebrity, [which] allows someone to be larger than life and become a real star, and he was very smart at playing that game."

Adrien also feels a strong bond with the illusionist. He was into magic as a little boy, growing up in a working class neighbourhood.

Calling himself The Amazing Adrien, his dream was to one day perform his tricks for the world. Despite turning to acting instead, he still thanks magic for showing him the way – particularly Houdini.

"He escaped much more than the physical confines of his acts and became the most iconic performer ever," he smiled. "It's something we can all identify with, this longing for acceptance, and he was a real hero for the working class."

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