Advice for matrics: choose the perfect study area

By admin
07 November 2013

The place where you study can have a big influence on your success. Exams have been on for a while but it’s not too late to make a few changes.

If you study in your room it’s important to organise it correctly. Here’s a little advice:

  • Be comfortable but alert. Sit at a table or desk. Soft couches and beds may be comfortable but don’t use them as you’ll probably fall asleep instead of studying.
  • When you sit down to study everything should be ready. Make time in your study schedule to ensure you have all the notes. You can’t start studying if you’re not sure what you should be working on.
  • Choose a table that’s the right size for you. Make sure you can easily rest your elbows on it. It should reach somewhere between your waist and your ribcage when you’re sitting.

    Make sure you have only the books, notes and exam questions for that day at hand. Pack the rest away so your study area won’t be untidy.

  • Don’t dim the lights; that will only increase the chance of falling asleep. Switch on as many lights as possible so you can see clearly. It’s a good idea to choose a study area that has natural light during the day.
  • Turn off your phone or put it in another room. You may think you won’t use it but what if you can see or hear when you receive a message?

As the exams proceed you may get tired of the place where you study. It might be a good idea to study once or twice in a new place. Try the following places:

  • A coffee shop. This could be a relaxed environment and you can order food or something to drink if you want. It’s perfect for studying in smaller groups, with a friend or alone.
  • Your school’s study area or the local library. These are good places to meet your study mates and if you’re actually on the school grounds you may realise the seriousness of the situation. But if the noise distracts you, you should move to an area where you can study more effectively.
  • The kitchen. It’s nice to study in the kitchen because there are usually clean surfaces and good lighting. Make sure there isn’t a TV nearby.
  • Your room is convenient. You can wear the clothes you want, be comfortable and you won’t be distracted.

-Suzaan Hauman

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