Africa's last polar bear dies: JHB Zoo

By admin
13 August 2014

Wang the polar bear had to be put down due to liver and heart failure.

Africa's last polar bear has died, the Johannesburg Zoo said on Wednesday.

Wang the bear had to be put down by chief veterinarian Dr Brett Gardener due to liver and heart failure, spokeswoman Jenny Moodley said in a statement.

He was diagnosed with liver ailments in November 2010.

Wang, who was born in 1984, arrived at the zoo in 1986 as part of a conservation exchange programme with a zoo in China.

"At 30 years polar bears are considered to have reached their full lifespan for the species," said Moodley.

Wang's partner for 27 years, GeeBee, died of natural causes in January.

"His distraught keeper... Agnes Maluleke ensured that in the recent weeks his days were filled with enrichment programmes and special treats, including his own Valentine's Day celebration," said Moodley.

The zoo decided in 2010 not to replace the ageing polar bears.

"This decision is still effective," she said.

As a tribute to Wang, the zoo would dedicate the Zoo Trot on September 14 to him.


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