After rugby, me-time

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24 December 2010

The waves break lazily below us in Camps Bay, Cape Town, as we sip fruit and veggie drinks beside the pool on the huge deck overlooking the sea.

Percy Montgomery’s ex-wife laughs. “Yeah, I was a rugby star’s wife for seven years. And every Friday and Saturday night it was just rugby, rugby and more rugby. You adapt yourself to your husband’s programme but now it’s my turn to do the things that excite me!”

Tasmin Montgomery’s face lights up as she lists her passions. First her children: Nick (14), her son from her first marriage who excels at water polo and boxing, and Taneal (5), Percy’s and her little ballet dancer.

Second is bodybuilding, in which Tasmin is now a star in her own right. She turned 40 this year and has been crowned Miss Fitness South Africa for the second year running. Last year she represented South Africa in Las Vegas and came third in her division.

Life with a rugby star has many challenges. “But you know what you’re letting yourself in for,” she says. “We enjoyed Percy’s success but we also looked forward to living a more normal life.”

She and the children will be moving out of their luxury home soon to start a new life. She and Percy were divorced in September.

She’s always loved Percy, Tasmin says. She learnt a lot from him and would have done everything she could to save their marriage.

“I think career sportsmen who retire need professional support to help them adjust and tackle new challenges,” she says.

Setting goals for herself kept her strong and positive when her marriage started going wrong, Tasmin says. Her first objective was to run the Two Oceans half marathon in April 2009 and she wanted to get serious about bodybuilding. The next thing she knew she was Miss Fitness South Africa.

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