Ah, Mbaks! We can't wait to hear what you say next

By admin
07 March 2014

Minister of Sports Fikile Mbalula calls President Jacob Zuma a tsunami.

Oh Mbaks, we do love your quotes!

After the dismal loss of the national soccer team at Orlando stadium, fans of Bafana Bafana booed President Jacob Zuma. It was the second time he was booed at the stadium following boos at Nelson Mandela's memorial service last year.

Sports minister Fikile Mbalula responded in an interview at the time saying: “The person they were trying to denigrate in the form of our president, using platforms of national importance like football, will not diminish because of booing because he is a tsunami more than a hurricane. They must know they are going to fail.”

The comment had people questioning whether he was now referring to the president as a disaster? That is, after all, what a tsunami is.

But perhaps he just meant that he is a force to be reckoned with? You never know with Mbalula; the man just has a way with words.

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