AKA has a twitter rant. Again.

By admin
03 March 2014

Our very own Kanye West - AKA strikes again!

“AKA, he’s a beast he’s a problem though”.

These are not just the words to his most popular hit, All I Know. AKA  has left a sour taste in many of his fans mouths. He was trending on twitter this weekend with one of his now famous rants. He wasn’t happy with some comments made about him being arrogant, so he then lashed out saying “Well if I’m arrogant I might as well live up to it. F**K You, F**K You, F**K you”. To which he received this reply by fellow twitter user SA HIP Hop news:

He then came back and apologised for any offence that might have been taken. He soon after went on to say “I find it strange that I didn’t win anything but I’m trending”.

He was of course referring to the Metro Music Awards, which happened over the weekend, where he didn’t pick up any trophies. This comment sent Twitter into  a tailspin. While some of his comments, in the past were valid points, like his comments about the lack of support for local content on radio shows, the rest just sounded like he had sour grapes and was going overboard.

It seems AKA knows just when to get the people going. His name has been quite sparse in the nominations list so far into the awards season. Any publicity is better than no publicity hmmm?

Here  is one reply from one of  his followers.

soccer aka

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