Aleppo atrocities: desperate tweets from the depths of hell

By Mieke Vlok
14 December 2016

While the rest of the world is getting ready to go on holiday and celebrate Christmas, citizens in Syria are trapped in a violent war which has claimed many lives.

Here's a glimpse at Aleppo before and after the atrocities started:

The Syrian government has recently taken back the city of Aleppo – one of Syria’s biggest cities – and hordes of people have already been killed in the war stricken district. Elderly people, children and everyone in between are trapped inside while the government battles their opposition for control of the city. A terrible civil war has been raging in Syria between the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad’s, Free Syrian Army and an opposition group supported by rebels.
While civilians wait to be rescued and evacuate from the city, they are sharing heart-breaking messages on Twitter about the atrocities that are part and parcel of a violent civil war.
“Final message - I am very sad no one is helping us in this world, no one is evacuating me & my daughter. Goodbye.- Fatemah,” wrote the mother of seven-year-old, Bana, who grabbed the internet’s attention with her honest Twitter posts about the war.

A teacher shared an emotional video in which he says that the president’s forces are only a few metres away and this is probably his last few moments alive. He begs people to help take care of children like his little daughter.

The government powers who have regained power of the city are at a tipping point in the war. If you’d like to learn more about the civil war in Syria watch the below video.

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