Alleged rape victim to be stoned to death for 'lying' about the attack

By Kim Abrahams
31 May 2017

They accused her of seducing the man.

A woman will either be killed or sold off for wrongfully claiming she was raped – a traditional Pakistani court has ruled.

The 19-year-old is likely to face the death penalty for allegedly covering up her adultery by claiming she was raped by a family member at gunpoint.

According to the teen, she was raped while in bed in her family home in Rajanpur, Pakistan, but couldn't scream for help because her attacker, her cousin Khalil Ahmed, held a gun to her head.

She reported the incident to the village elders, but they dismissed the matter and accused her of seducing Khalil.

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They decided that no action should be taken against the alleged rapist but that the woman should be killed or sold off.

The elders, who included the alleged rapist’s father, termed her a "kaari" – meaning an adulteress. Being a kaari often leads to an "honour killing", which is traditionally believed to restore a family’s name when in disrepute. After learning about her death sentence the woman approached the police for help. An investigation has now been launched into the elders’ ruling.  

"We have registered an FIR [first information report] against the panchayat [village council] members and will take them into custody for declaring her kaari," said Qaisar Hasnain of Fazilpur police station.


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