Am I the Only One?

. . . who has a problem with zombies? They’re top of my list of “creatures in a post-apocalyptic future I fear the most”. Rather give me vampires and little girls with long dark hair who climb out of the TV to terrorise you.

Sadly, my husband loves zombie movies, and TV series The Walking Dead is a huge favourite. I sit there filled with dread but transfixed. True, I don’t have to watch it, but like I said -- transfixed. I fear for cop Rick Grimes (played by British actor Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors as they try to make it in a world overrun by zombies. It’s especially hard because I keep thinking of Rick as the guy who was so sweet in the movie Love Actually as he confessed his love to Keira Knightley with flash cards. And now here he is, stuck in this horrid world, and no Keira.

The series is amazing, I admit, and the critics have showered it with praise. And I know it’s about more than the zombies – the relationships of the survivors are fascinating and filled with so much depth. But then a bloody undead creature has to shuffle into a scene and spoil everything. The problem with zombies is there’s just no winning against them. And there are just no redeeming features. They shamble along, feel no pain and want to eat you. And for every one that gets mowed down, there are thousands more and thousands behind those.

The humans’ battle to stay alive means there are few comforts so these poor people fear for their lives and barely trust one another – and there’s not even an opportunity for a hot shower so they are sweaty, grimy and probably smelly, very smelly.

When it comes to a post-apocalyptic future I would far rather live in the world of the series Revolution. True, there’s no electricity, the self-appointed General Sebastian Monroe is a little power hungry and life is cheap but they’ve made a plan to somehow stay clean and healthy and they’re polite, even before shooting you. Like the folk in The Walking Dead, the people of Revolution also get to brandish swords and guns and stuff in their fights, but they make you want to use the word “swashbuckling” as there’s more of an element of fun. And Billy Burke, who plays Miles Matheson, one of the sort-of-heroes of Revolution, is the hot daddy from Twilight, and he’s clean-ish.

The Walking Dead season one is on Fridaysat 9.45 pm on Fox (channel 125)

Revolution season one is on Thursdays at 8.30 pm on M-Net Series (channel 114)

-Natalie Cavernelis

Miles Matheson of Revolution is hot and fairly clean and rather swashbuckling with his sword Miles Matheson of Revolution is hot and fairly clean and rather swashbuckling with his sword