Amanda Seyfried talks ‘dating excuses’

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27 March 2015

Amanda Seyfried thinks most young people make excuses about “dating douchebags”.

The 29-year-old actress has been in a relationship with fellow actor Justin Long since October 2013.

But Amanda can empathise with people in their Twenties who make poor romantic decisions.

'It’s all in growing up and making mistakes'

“You can date a douchebag, or somebody who is involved with somebody else,” she told MTV News. “You shouldn’t, but you give yourself excuses. There’s never a time and place for a lot of those things that you justify when you’re younger.”

Amanda is currently promoting her new movie While We’re Young, which also stars Ben Stiller, Adam Driver and Naomi Watts. While We’re Young is a comedy which centres on a middle-aged couple who find themselves in crisis after interacting with a destructive younger couple.

Amanda thinks it’s very normal for people to date partners who are wrong for them earlier on in life.

“It’s all in growing up and making mistakes,” she said. “You think about the consequences. You really, really consider the consequences.”

Amanda has previously spoken about her relationship with Jeepers Creepers actor Justin.

She confessed they rarely do anything particularly adventurous other than taking her dog Finn out for long walks, which is completely opposite from the behaviour of her carefree While We’re Young character Darby’s wild take on romance.

“We do everything together. But, we don’t do much,” she mused to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. “We walk my dog. And we have, we make these smoothies in the morning, they’re called ‘Greenies.’ He got me onto that. Super healthy. And then we watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.”

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