Amber Heard: 'Turning 30 will make me more of a woman'

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29 March 2016

Actress Amber Heard is convinced turning 30 next month will help to enhance her womanhood.

The Danish Girl star will reach the age milestone on 22 April,2016 and she cannot wait to leaving her 20s behind.

"I'm really excited to be 30," she tells Entertainment Tonight. "I think I've lived enough life in my 20s. I'm looking forward to this new chapter. I'm excited to be even more of a woman. That's what it feels like."

Amber, who is married to Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp, will most likely be celebrating her birthday privately, because she likes to keep to herself, confessing she is not a fan of social media and does her best to stay away from the Internet.

"In my life, the most precious thing I can have is my privacy," she explains. "I don't have social media, but I understand a lot of people do and why they would. A lot of people find ways to do it for good and control their representations of themselves, which I think celebrities typically have not had."

Amber has previously spoken about how important it is for her to maintain independence - she is not OK with following the crowd.

"I'm becoming more confident and aware of what I want to accomplish," she told Britain's Hello! magazine of her thoughts on growing older. "It's a good feeling. I try to follow my instincts and see where that takes me.

"I like being an assertive and self-confident woman who doesn't believe in conforming to all the myths and stereotypes that restrict our freedom."

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