Amber Rose: I’d never starve!

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26 April 2015

Amber Rose wouldn’t even consider taking on a diet that would see her “starve”.

The gorgeous 31-year-old model-and-musician is praised the world over for her voluptuous figure.

Amber doesn’t diet to maintain her physique because she simply loves food too much, however, the star won’t eat excessively large portions.

'I eat whatever I want but just a little bit at a time'

“I eat whatever I want but just a little bit at a time,” she told Mail Online. “I would never starve myself.”

Amber is mother to two-year-old son Sebastian, who she shares with rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Her fitness regimen is certainly centred around caring for her child, but Amber also likes to engage in fitness outdoors when she has the chance.

“I have my son so it's like exercise all day with him,” she shared. “I try to hike whenever I can. I flex my stomach muscles all the time, even when I'm just sitting around talking to someone and I take the stairs whenever I can.”

After she gave birth to Sebastian in February 2013, Amber didn’t do anything extreme to drop her baby weight.

The star, who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, chose to go the natural route and she was extremely happy with the results.

“It took me like a year to lose the weight,” Amber told E! News previously. “I did it the natural way, so I just tried to eat right.

“I’m a Philly girl so I grew up on Philly cheesesteaks and stuff like that! [I was] just trying to eat right and exercise and it finally came off.”

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