Amor Vittone's shocking stalker revelations: 'My kids and I are being threatened and intimidated'

By Jana Smit
06 July 2017

Amor says she even knows exactly who the alleged stalker is.

Joost van der Westhuizen's estranged wife claims she and her children are being intimidated through letters by a harasser.

Singer Amor Vittone made the claims during Breakfast with Martin Bester and Tumi Morake on Jacaranda FM on Thursday morning.

In the interview, which was recorded before her overseas trip with her son, Amor (45) reveals that besides the hardships of the past six months before and after Joost’s death, she’s also been harassed with anonymous letters sent to her house in an estate in Midrand, Johannesburg.

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She and her two children with the late Springbok rugby legend, Jordan (13) and Kylie (10) still live there.

Jordan, Amor, Joost and Kylie celebrated Christmas together in 2016. PHOTO: Supplied Jordan, Amor, Joost and Kylie pictured on Christmas Day in 2016. PHOTO: Supplied

Joost died in February following a long battle with Motor Neurone Disease.

Martin Bester asked in surprise who could possibly send the anonymous letters. “Well, you probably don’t know. After all, it is a stalker,” he corrected himself.

Amor then answered: “Actually, we do know. We will make it known when the time is right.”

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“Is it someone trying to intimidate you?” Martin wanted to know.

“Intimidate, threaten,” Amor paused for a moment. “And threaten my children.”

Tumi then said in shock: “As if you haven’t been through enough!”

Joost and Amor on their wedding day in 2003. PHOTO: Nardus Nel, YOU Archives Joost and Amor on their wedding day in 2003. PHOTO: Nardus Nel, YOU Archives

Amor explained that she read the letter while wearing gloves so that any fingerprints left on the letters can be obtained.

She said the more she read the contents of the letters, the more she realised that it’s probably intended to harm her.

“But I laugh because I think: how low can you go to do something like this, because you must either be really insecure or extremely jealous. But now it involves my children and of course, the letters are now with my lawyer.”

Amor claims the letters contain personal information that only someone close to her would know.

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The mom-of-two is currently in Madrid, Spain, where Jordan is representing South Africa at a soccer tournament.

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