Amor’s legal team hit back after controversial video: ‘It’s no secret there was animosity between Amor and Joost’

26 July 2017

Amor admitted they fought on occasion and had difficult times, especially after Joost’s so-called ‘sex video’ was leaked.

Amor’s legal team officially responded on Tuesday to a leaked video in which she allegedly hurls insults at Joost.

“We are on record with the fact that we are eager to investigate the original recording and original device,” reads the statement.

Her legal team says they have a problem with the material, which ‘clearly is a composite and edited piece that was leaked to the media with the intention of badly denting Amor’s reputation’.

In the release, they mention that it’s no secret there was a lot of tension between Amor and Joost and, at times, there could have been highly emotional exchanges between the two.

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In his autobiography, Joost: The Man in the Mirror, he refers to the incident and notes his unreserved apology.

“No excuses. What I had done with the girl was wrong. To use drugs was wrong and to lie and deny it was wrong.”

The controversial video – apparently telephonic conversations between Amor and Joost – had the country abuzz since Saturday.

“The recording was allegedly taken long ago – it is necessary we know at what time, place and date it was allegedly taken,” Sean Hefferman, Amor’s attorney, said about the video.

He says another statement will be released after the original recording is investigated by them.

“Our main priority, at this stage, is to protect the interests of the children, as commissioned by Amor, seeing that they are also affected by the current proceedings.”

Amor admitted to YOU that there are parts of the recording where it is her voice, but it apparently features recordings that were taken over time, compiled and possibly even falsified.

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