Amy Adams punches Bradley Cooper so hard he needed an ice pack

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11 December 2013

Amy Adams hit Bradley Cooper so hard during a scene for their new movie American Hustle, he needed an ice pack.

Superman must have taught her a trick or two! Amy Adams hit her American Hustler co-star so hard he needed an ice pack on American Hustle.

The actress had to punch Bradley Cooper during a scene in the new 1970s thriller but initially wasn't doing it hard enough and had to be encouraged by director David O Russell.

“I believe you can accomplish something without hurting someone so I kept hitting him and I guess it wasn't reading as hard enough,” she told ABC News. “So David's yelling, ‘Hit him, hit him’, and Bradley's yelling, ‘Hit me, hit me’, So I did. And his face started swelling.

“It really started swelling in real life and I said, ‘I certainly hope you have it [the shot] because I think Bradley needs some ice. I felt very badly about that.”

Amy (39) is also seen in a number of glamorous period outfits during the movie, but says numerous costume changes were a hassle.

“I had to change costumes like 50 times. My character is trying on all of these different costumes and she’s trying all of these different personas so the costumes were a big part of how she defines herself, it’s like her armour.

“It seemed to be the stronger she feels the fewer clothes she wears. She uses it as a manipulation and as a weapon. But it was such an insane shoot, a lot of the costume changes were, like, in a closet at some warehouse. You’d just find anywhere you could change and maintain a little dignity and modesty.”

- Bang Showbiz

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