Amy’s flame flares and dies

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29 July 2011

Shocked but not surprised – that pretty much sums up the sentiment that reverberated around the world when the news started to spread.

Even Amy Winehouse’s parents, heartbroken though they are, had been expecting something like this. “It was only a matter of time,” her mom,Janis, said.

Amy couldn’t beat the demons that had consumed her life, stalled her career and turned her off-beat, compelling live performances into rambling, shambolic affairs.

The 27-year-old singer’s last public appearance came three days before her death and five weeks after the cancellation of her European tour when a clearly out-of-it Amy was booed off a Serbian stage.

Looking a little bloated, she joined her goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, on stage at a venue near her home in Camden, London.

She went on stage to hug the 15-year-old but didn’t sing.

“She didn’t want to steal Dionne’s thunder,” a friend says. Photos from that night show Amy smiling – but her eyes were puffy and her grin strained.

The owner of the pub in Camden Amy frequented says she often tried to stop drinking and in the weeks leading up to her death would tell him, “Don’t let me drink, no matter how much I beg for one. I mustn’t do it.”

Her dad, Mitch, said as far as he knew she hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol in the three weeks before her death.

Yet by all accounts her final hours were fuelled with substance abuse.

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