An app to find out if someone was murdered? 5 apps that will have you raising your eyebrows

By admin
12 April 2014

These days there’s an app for everything. We absolutely love how they make life easier and certain things more fun. But some apps just leave us puzzled or very, very scared. Here is a list of the newest and most morbid we’ve come across:

Murder Map

This needs no explanation it is what it says. It is an app that maps the murders that have occurred in a geographical area. The app uses Google maps to pinpoint an area/street where a murder has occurred. So you want to know why that place is so creepy? Murder map it!


This seems silly until you realise that somebody actually thought this out and it was approved! This is a live streaming app which tells you which, important or famous person has recently passed on. The criteria for important/famous is loosely translated.


An interactive guide to finding your loved ones' graves. Why you would need an app to do this leaves us very worried.


This app helps you visualise your bucket list. It provides you with pictures of the places you want to see and places you want to visit. Slide shows and map functions. It's a gentle reminder of your goals.

Just say

Now this is just plain laziness (and more than a little insensitive)! This app has phrases and words of condolences you can say to people after a loss or at a funeral. Really?


This is actually not an app but had to mentioned. Tikker is a watch that counts down how many days you have to live down to the seconds. We don’t see how this is necessary and we have enough stress in our lives!


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