An open letter to Beyonce

By admin
18 April 2013

Our celeb junkie writes an open letter Beyonce.

A letter to Beyonce

Dear B, we are still trying to understand that racy get-up you wore on the opening night of your Mrs Carter Show World Tour in Serbia recently? Why B, why? For years you’ve perfected the sexy but not slutty thing, but now, frankly, you’ve let us down. You are one of the true pros who can actually sing and dance brilliantly so why the sudden shock value? Leave that to the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna, who’ll probably let it all hang out in the constant battle of one-upmanship after seeing you in this.

It’s also worrying us that for years you’ve endorsed girl power, encouraging females everywhere to stand up for themselves and be independent (even singing about it in those Destiny’s Child anthems Bills, Bills, Bills and Survivor) and now, to put it bluntly, you’ve stepped out looking a stripper (a semi-clothed one, but one all the same). What kind of a mixed message is that sending to kids?

So please, take a moment to re-evaluate. You’re much better than fake boobies, B! You’re fierce – Sasha Fierce – and your young fans need to know that.


Celeb Junkie

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