‘And all I wanted to do was to go home’ - Dad's haunting last Facebook post while trapped by flood

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31 May 2016

Schools and roads were closed, evacuations were done and hordes of students had to spend an icy night on campus when incessant rain caused a flood in Texas.

By Friday 27 May there was one person who had died as a result of the floods and a further three who were reported missing. One of the missing three was a 21-year-old father from Texas, Darren Mitchell. He last made contact with his family on 26 May to let them know that he was stuck as a result of the flood water.

During the day on Friday Darren’s family found his turned over bakkie in the water close to the 105 highway. He wasn’t in the vehicle. “I want my grandson. I want to touch him. I want to know that he’s here with me,” said Darren’s grandmother, Roberta Washington to KHOU.

On 28 May there were those that hoped that he would still be found alive.

But unfortunately Darren did not survive.

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Eyewitness Lashandoe Smith reported that she had seen Darren getting in and out of his bakkie.

The below footage will give an idea of how powerful the storm was and also the tragic scenes which played out after it subsided.

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