Angelina: Be proactive

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11 January 2015

Angelina Jolie thinks people should be productive rather than "cry into their pillows".

Alongside her acting and directing duties, the Hollywood star is a UN Goodwill Ambassador and is widely recognised for her humanitarian work.

'It's definitely better than going home and crying into your pillow'

She's keen to keep putting her skills to good use and urges others to take a similar approach.

"I want to be useful and that's how I'll act," she explained to German magazine Stern. "I don't always have the answer to every question. But that's a battle I'm willing to take on.

"That's what makes the difference for me: if you can do something, whatever it is, you should. It's definitely better than going home and crying into your pillow."

Recently, Angelina has made the move into directing, and her latest project is World War II drama Unbroken. With so many positive changes for the 39-year-old, there's buzz a political career could be next.

"I don't plan these things, but yes, I'd be open to it," she smiled. "Things happen because I recognise a need for them and something needs to be done."

Unbroken stars Jack O'Connell as prisoner of war Louis Zamperini. It's a film about self improvement, which Angelina can identify with.

"It's that constant battle to become a better person, to not give up. All of us have those moments of self doubt," she reasoned.

"Like every person, I also ask myself if I will be successful, if I could work harder. And yes, sometimes I do worry whether I will be able to become a better person."

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