Angels in the making! Candice and Behati show off their growing baby bumps

By Shanaaz Prince
29 April 2016

Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo Levine have a lot in common. They're both Victoria's Secret Angels, they both grew up in Southern Africa -- and now they're having babies together!

The two African beauties, Candice (27), originally from South Africa, and Behati (26) from Namibia, are glowing with growing baby bumps. Both are rumoured to be around four months pregnant. Candice – who speaks fluent Portuguese after ten years with half-Brazilian fellow model and fiancé Herman Nicoli – shared a picture of her stomach with Herman's hand on it alongside the words, "Agora vai ser". The phrase is a Portuguese proverb meaning: "Now it will be", to which she added the hashtag #barrigapositiva; meaning "positive belly".

She later amended the caption to include the words, "Baby Angel" accompanied by a rainbow of love hearts. She followed that post with a picture of herself and Behati on location alongside the words: "Happy first day of spring everyone!"
While Behati’s pregnancy announcement came two weeks after, after he husband, musician, Adam Levine posted a pic of his supermodel wife in a bright red bikini with a very showing bump.

My two favorite laker fans.

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He captioned the post, “My two favourite laker fans” . The spoke about his excitement about being a soon-to-be dad earlier this month.

So far so good

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"It's awesome. I'm going to be a dad. S**t, I'm excited," he said."I'm going to be a f--king dad. I'm going to spoil [Behati]." In an interview with Vogue in 2014, Candice gave some insight into how she might be as a mom.

Lua faz O nosso sentimento Libertar o amor

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"It's hard to pinpoint exactly what I'm looking for, but I know that my days of being in big cities are numbered. "When you grow up on a farm like I did, you're always going to go back to that feeling - and especially with the way the world is going, I'm looking for some fresh air and somewhere that I feel we are not ruining. It's scary to me to think how my children are going to grow up one day.

"With social media and everything; kids now don't even talk to each other. It's a very different life, so my kids - poor things - are going to be on a farm somewhere with me like, 'No video games! No TV!'"

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