Angie: I'm much harder work than Brad

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19 January 2015

Angelina Jolie says Brad Pitt is much easier to work with than she is.

The married A-listers are appearing in Angelina's directorial effort By the Sea together, playing a couple with marital problems. They jetted to Malta to shoot the flick shortly after getting married, and have previously admitted some of their friends queried whether the subject matter was good honeymoon fodder. Angelina insists there is nothing to worry about.

"It was very interesting. He's wonderful to work with - much easier that I am. There's nobody I trust more and we both wanted to help each other and make the experience good, so it worked out fine. He's a great actor," she told British magazine Hello!

The actress can understand why so many people are surprised by the subject matter of the flick. But it's because she and Brad are so comfortable in their relationship that they were able to tackle it.

"Yes, it's a different sort of conflict from the one in Unbroken. We chose to do it because in our own relationship we're in such a happy place and we trust each other so much that we felt able to explore the darker side of marriage. I wrote and directed it and I hope that the script has a bit of depth to it - it's a bit crazy and it's also a bit fun," she said.

Brad and Angelina had been together for a decade before their tied the knot last year. They raise six children together and saw their union as a cementing of the family, with Angelina explaining it's parenthood which has really changed her.

"I remember on Madd's [son Maddox] first day home he just sat there and stared at me and we both looked at each other like, 'Oh my, here we go. We don't know how to do this, but we're going to figure it out together.' You can say all you want that you want to live for others, do things for others, but when you have a child, your life is literally secondary to anything that they need or feel. That is a wonderful feeling - it really gives you peace," she said.

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