Angry man bites wife’s nose off after she fails to return calls

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10 September 2015

A man allegedly bit his wife’s nose off and ate it because she hadn’t answered his calls.

The couple, from Dezhou in China, allegedly had an argument because the woman didn’t answer her estranged husband’s calls after a late-night shift on 6 September.

The next day her enraged husband allegedly stormed into her employer’s premises and attacked her, biting off her nose and swallowing it, the People’s Daily Online reported.

'The next moment he pushed my head away and ate my nose in one movement'

Describing her ordeal, the woman, Yang Han, told the Shangdong Television Station, “The next moment he pushed my head away and ate my nose in one movement.”

Doctors say Yang’s nose was so badly damaged she’ll need a number of operations. Nearly her whole nose, including the septum and nose tip were eaten. Surgeons say it will be at least three months before her nose can be rebuilt.

Local media reported that Yang alleged her husband – who had two adult children from a previous marriage – wanted to sell their child so she would have the time to care for his grandchildren. When she refused they went their separate ways – but she said he called her continually.

The police are trying to find her husband, who has disappeared.

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