‘Animals are capable of love!’ Photographer captures animals’ tender moments in moving photo series

By admin
18 September 2016

Anyone who has a pet will know that animals are very loving and affectionate, but it’s not often that we get to see the same behaviour from animals in the wild!

With this in mind, photographer Goran Anastasovski, from the Republic of Macedonia, set about capturing the softer side of the animal kingdom. And the results are absolutely heartwarming!

animal 2

“I’ve been photographing animals and nature for many years now,” explains Goran.

“I thought I’d share my photos where I have captured the moments of love and emotion between animals; my main goal is to show that animals are capable of love as much as humans, maybe even a little more.”

animal 4 animal 3 animal 5 animal 7 animal 8 animal 0 animal 9


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