Anna Kendrick is terrified of clowns (and she's not the only celeb)

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31 January 2014

Anna Kendrick has a fear of clowns and does "know why they're still around".

Anna Kendrick is afraid of clowns.

The Up in the Air actress feels traditional circus entertainers are an outdated concept and doesn't think even children find them fun anymore.

She told website The Huffington post: "What am I most afraid of? I guess, clowns. I feel like I just heard that most children are afraid of clowns. Like 60 percent of children don't like clowns, or something like that. I don't know why they're still around."

A fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia and is a condition Anna shares with many other famous people, including P. Diddy, Johnny Depp, Daniel Radcliffe and Billy Bob Thornton.

Anna (28) also admits to having a recurring dream which makes her panic, where "I don't know my lines for a role that I did in my last stage performance."

The actress also admitted it's easy to make her cry - but with compliments rather than by scaring her.

She added: "When we wrapped 'Into The Woods'. Whenever anybody says something nice to me, I'm kind of a blubbering mess. And when we wrapped, [director] Rob Marshall said goodbye to everybody, because he's like the world's kindest human being, and I was trying to hold it together and I lost it."

- Bang Showbiz

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