Anna Kendrick: Katy's chest is the best

By admin
03 February 2015

Anna Kendrick is in awe of Katy Perry's best assets.

The American actress kept her Twitter followers amused last night with her running commentary of the 2015 Super Bowl, which saw the New England Patriots beat rivals the Seattle Seahawks. Rather than focus on the football game Anna was more interested in Katy's half time show, which saw her parade around the stage in a series of skin tight outfits.

'It's official. Katy Perry is magic'

"Ok, no one is thrilled abt going in the 2nd half in a tie, but @katyperry is about to jump repeatedly in a small outfit. So we all have that (sic)," Anna posted to fans.

"Go Katy, Go! #StillStaringAtTheT*****sTho."

It wasn't just Katy's body that Anna focused on - she was also blown away by the popstar's vocals.

Katy belted out some of her best loved songs, including Roar and Dark Horse, to a delighted audience. "It's official. Katy Perry is magic. "All jokes aside, @katyperry your voice tonight was actually unreal. So were your boobs. That is also not a joke to me (sic)," Anna gushed.

Anna wasn't the only Hollywood starlet who was more interested in the women performing last night over the athletes.

Reese Witherspoon revealed to fans that she wasn't bothered by who won, instead focusing more on the cheerleaders.

"Who am I rooting for!? Sea Gals & Patriot Cheerleaders!!! (Did I mention I used to be a cheerleader?) (sic)," Reese tweeted.

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