Another megastar makes the move from film to TV - Halle Berry to star in hot new miniseries

By Petro-Anne Vlok
03 July 2014

Is TV better than movies? Movie star Halle Berry seems to think so. The Oscar-nominated actress is one of the many Hollywood movie actors who have decided to go back to TV.

It used to be that actors had to make a name for themselves in TV before they could graduate to starring in movies, but these days, the opposite seems true. With her new TV-miniseries Extant set to air soon, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is one of the many movie stars who have gone back to acting on TV.

More and more of Hollywood’s elite are flocking to TV, claiming that it’s now better than film. “I was being offered parts that I felt like I had done before,” Berry explains. “They weren’t exciting enough for me to leave my family for four months. I realised that some of the best writing, especially for women, was on television.

Here are some of the other Hollywood movie stars who’ve made it big on the small screen:

Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club, Magic Mike) and Woody Harrelson (Natural Born Killers, White Men Can’t Jump) were recently seen in True Detectives, a series about two detectives hunting a serial killer in Louisiana.

Claire Danes (Romeo and Juliette, Brokedown Palace) stars as CIA-agent Carrie Mathison in Homeland. The third season of the series is being filmed in Cape Town.

Ashton Kutcher (Jobs, The Butterfly Effect) made his name in TV, appearing in That ’70s Show. Now he’s gone back to his roots and stars in Two and a Half Men.

Both Kevin Spacey (Seven, Superman Returns) and Robin Wright (Moneyball, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) got Emmy nominations for their roles in House of Cards. Spacy portrays Frank Underwood, a power-hungry US politician. Wright plays his wife, Claire.

Zooey Deschanel’s (Yes Man, 500 Days of Summer) hit comedy series New Girl was renewed for a fourth season earlier this year.

In the psychological thriller The Following, Kevin Bacon (Mystic River, Apollo 13) plays Ryan Hardy, an ex-FBI agent on the trail of a serial killer who escaped from jail.

Don Cheadle (Iron Man 2, Crash) plays a morally corrupt management consultant in House of Lies. He’s joined by another movie star, Kirsten Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Couples Retreat).

-Petro-Anne Vlok

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