Ansel Elgort: I’m about art not cash

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14 February 2015

Ansel Elgort wants his career to be driven by art, not money.

The 20-year-old actor is riding a career high at the moment thanks to the success of his movies The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent. Both did well critically and commercially, but the star insists that’s of little interest to him.

“The minute you start thinking, ‘I don't want to do that, but it'll make me money,’ is when you start f**king yourself. I don't want money to ever drive my career. I want my career to be driven by what I want to do in art,” he told Details magazine.

'I want my career to be driven by what I want to do in art'

It’s for this reason that the star is planning on putting down roots soon. He wants to own a house so he doesn’t have to worry about investing in property as he gets older, or fear where he’ll find money for mortgage payments.

If that all goes to plan, Ansel hopes it will free him up to perform plays on Broadway.

And that’s not his only dream; he’s also looking to the music business, which he called his “obsession”. The star is already a successful DJ and hopes to build on that, although he insists he won’t fall foul of the party scene which comes with the job.

“The club scene is terrible,” he insisted. “I love playing places where it's about having a good time, not about whose d*** is the biggest.”

Although those endeavours don’t leave him much time, the star has one other thing on his mind at the moment. He is taking part in an all-star basketball game at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday, alongside the likes of Kevin Hart, Common, Win Butler and Nick Cannon among others. Ansel has been prepping hard for the match and hopes to wow with his moves.

“I've been training, doing plyometrics, working on my legs,” he said. “I want to dunk on Kevin Hart.”

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