Ansel Elgort: I’ve never wanted to bed Shailene

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17 March 2015

Ansel Elgort has “never once” wanted to have sex with Shailene Woodley.

The actors have appeared alongside each other in three movies, The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent and its sequel, Insurgent. But despite their close working relationship and on screen chemistry, off camera it’s all about friendship.

“Me and Shailene have a really platonic relationship,” he told Seventeen magazine. “I've never once wanted her sexually, which is nice.”

'Me and Shailene have a really platonic relationship'

The 21-year-old has been very open about his views on sex and relationships lately. But while his 23-year-old co-star has been friend zoned, Ansel admits he does like to woo a girl when he’s attracted to them.

“I like romantic dates - going on a long walk in Central Park and then taking the subway downtown and going out to eat and ordering oysters,” he revealed. “After that, you walk around again and talk. Morning dates are nice too.”

Ansel is currently loved up with girlfriend Violetta Komyshan. And as well as planning perfect dates, he admits he can be partial to splashing the cash on expensive gifts for his sweetheart, including jewellery and designer shoes.

Ansel hasn’t been afraid to share with the media about his experiences in love and sex. He recently opened up to Elle magazine about how he doesn’t see the benefits of sleeping around.

“If you like someone and the sex is really good and you enjoy spending time together, why wouldn't you make that person your girlfriend?” he questioned. “Why go around dating random girls and having terrible sex when you can be with someone you really like?”

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