Antics in the bathroom

By admin
14 July 2013

Kids love playing in water. And who needs a pool if you have a bathroom? In our last school holiday blog we share three fun bath activities.

Bathing just got to be lots more fun – these three easy games will boost creativity and make your kids look forward to bath time


Dress Barbie in her bikini, grab her beach towel (dish towel), sun-tan lotion (aqueous cream) and perhaps a yacht or two (plastic containers) and head for the beach (bath). Some Barbies love diving from high diving boards (taps). Who needs to go to the coast if the best beach is just down the passage?


What you'll need

plastic jug

food colouring

sealable plastic bags

plastic sea creatures

chain or thin rope

What to do

Pour water into the jug. Add a drop or two of blue food colouring and pour the tinted water into a sealable bag. Put plastic sea creatures in the bag, attach the bag to a bath chain or other suitable hanging device and suspend it in the bath.


Kids love going to the car wash. Devise one at home by filling an empty Windolene spray bottle, or other squeeze bottle made of soft plastic, with water. Gather the kids’ toy cars and trucks, even spaceships, put them in the bath and let the kids wash them until they look as if they have just come from the local car wash.

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