Anyone up for a sourtoe cocktail?

By admin
09 October 2013

One barfly couldn’t resist swallowing the pickled toe in his tipple

FINDING a hair in your food is enough to make many gag – not so for Joshua Clark of New Orleans in the US. Clark decided to swallow an amputated toe that was in his drink – and it cost him $500 to do so.

The Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada, offers the unusual drink to adventurous drinkers as the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail Challenge. It’s a 40-year tradition at the hotel where daring customers pay $5 to have a shot with the preserved toe touching their lips.

More than 65 000 people have stepped up to the challenge to date – although it’s unclear how many will get another chance now that the toe is gone.

Joshua paid the fine of $500 dollars for swallowing the appendage and it has been raised to $2 500. Hopefully that will make other punters toe the line.

- Faiza Mallick (@MsFaiza)


Picture: Flickr - Laure Wayaffe

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