Apple 'leak' suggests major changes are coming to the new iPhone

By Shanaaz Prince
16 August 2016

Apple has had the rumour mill going crazy with talk of the various features of the new device, set to launch next month.

With its expected launch next month, Apple’s latest offering, the iPhone 7 sure has got some tongues wagging.

The launch of the iPhone 7, due for release next month has set tongues wagging with rumours and leaks into what Apple fans can expect. PHOTO: Twitter The launch of the iPhone 7, due for release next month has set tongues wagging with rumours and leaks into what Apple fans can expect. PHOTO: Twitter

The latest device is said to reportedly have no headphone jack -- forcing users to use Bluetooth headphones, or buy a new headset with an iOS-only Lightning connector, occupying the headphone area with a second set of speakers. A bigger battery and waterproofing are also among other features.

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Craig Wilson, editor at Stuff magazine - a consumer technology publication, is keen to see the latest device unveiled and is excited to see what the iPhone 7 has to offer.

"I think Apple's going to have to do something quite remarkable with it if it's going to match the sales levels seen with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, particularly given how strong the last set of devices from Samsung have been," he says.

Another impressive quality is the talk of next versions of the iPhone will have improved charging speeds and including wireless charging and greater storage space.

"Huawei, Samsung and LG all offer rapid charging on their flagship devices, so it would be seriously remiss of Apple not to include it. You can bank on it," Craig adds about the smartphone's alleged new features.

"The new iPhone will allegedly not have a headphone jack, and if that proves to be true it has the potential to be hugely problematic. Ditching the headphone jack could alienate a lot of consumers by forcing them to invest in costly Bluetooth headphones and rendering their existing, wired headphones obsolete. While there'll probably be the option of a Lightning-to-3.5mm adaptor, knowing Apple it will be sold separately, which could put a lot of people off and make it impossible to plug in an audio device and charge the device simultaneously." According to a number of videos leaked on social media sites, like Chinese social media network, and French site, Apple fans can look forward to a  4.7-inch iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus or Pro, the same sizes that were introduced with the iPhone 6 in 2014.  

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It will maintain its slim aluminium profile, but the antenna will run along the sides and not the back, the back camera is also supposedly much larger than the rest but no mention has yet been made of the colour offerings available with the device, although the rumour mill has been spinning around the introduction of an all black, known as a ‘Space Black’ device.

Luckily September is just around the corner, time is the only truth teller here as many wait with eager anticipation to see if the new iPhone 7 is the latest innovation in smartphone technology.


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