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04 March 2011

A baby was always high on her list of priorities but with everything she’d been through she couldn’t be too confident her dream of being a mom would come true. So you can imagine Christina Applegate’s delight when she fell pregnant last year – and her overwhelming joy when she welcomed her tiny daughter into the world.

Sadie Grace LeNoble was born in Los Angeles on 27 January, weighing a healthy 3,34 kg and bowling her parents over the second they laid eyes on her.

Christina (39) and her fiancée, rocker Martyn LeNoble, announced the pregnancy in July last year, two years after the actress’ double mastectomy and battle with breast cancer.

The star of Samantha Who? and Married with Children, whose mother is also a breast cancer survivor, discovered she had the disease in 2008.

Further tests revealed she carried the breast cancer gene and, instead of waiting to see whether the cancer would come back, she decided to have both breasts removed. She had reconstructive surgery and is now doing fine, she says – and after becoming a mother she’s never been better.

Two weeks after the birth Christina showed off the baby girl who, according to her doting mother, is “perfect in every way”.

“There’s truly something to be said about nature and how a mother’s instinct kicks in,” she says. “You just know what to do. And if you don’t the baby lets you know what she needs. We’re getting to know each other day by day.

“I truly love every moment. Watching the changes she’s making is exciting. The new faces, the new sounds are all so wonderful to witness.”

Sadie is a great sleeper at night, Christina adds, waking only for a feed before going straight back to sleep.

She did as much planning and preparing for the birth as she could, educating herself about every aspect of pregnancy, birth and what to expect immediately afterwards.

“But of course when the time came I had to be open to any surprises that came up and to trust my doctor and caregivers to make decisions that weren’t in the birth plan. In the end everything was fine.”

Forty-one-year-old Martyn, who is a founding member of alternative rock band Porno for Pyros, loves being a new dad, she says.

“He’s incredibly hands-on – I’m lucky if I get her! He loves her so much and takes such amazing care of her, especially since I’m still recovering from the delivery and am unable to do everything. It’s truly beautiful to watch his love for her. She’s a lucky little lady to have him as her daddy.”

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